Gastronomic Accessories

Kitchen supplies and tools for cooking all types of dishes are essential in the preparation of high quality, health foods that are tasty and fulfilling to the gourmet food connoisseur. An assortment of fine culinary accessories will make any restaurant or expert chef famous. Here are some functional kitchen utility items that are a must for every epicurean kitchen:

Chef Knives & Cleavers – Slicing, boning, bread knives, paring knives and cleavers are a necessity for any chef and his team. Look for lightweight and sharp quality knives with wooden or plastic handles. Make sure they can withstand long term cutting, are easy to wash and clean and will stay sharp.


Baking Sheets & Sheet Pans – Select quality pans that are used to bake cookies, but are the versatile type where you can also roast vegetables and toast nuts and fruits on them. Heavy weight baking sheets should be heat resistant and be able to keep everything neat and in place when they go into the oven.

Mixing Bowls – Restaurants need a large quantity of mixing bowls. Some are made from plastic or glass, others are made from stainless steel. All can be used for mixing a variety of salads, cucumbers and tomato dishes, while some are used for prepping, baking and mixing. The smaller ones can contain eggs, liquids, nuts and grains. The larger bowls can accommodate meats that need to thaw, specialty fish and gourmet marinades.

Cutting Boards – Acacia or bamboo wood cutting boards are multi-purpose and always useful in any kitchen. The plastic boards are lightweight and can be easily washed and cleaned after use. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Frying Pans – Aluminum pans can take lots of stress and are ideal for high heat cooking. They are also great for sauteing and searing all sorts of meats and vegetables.

Cool Refrigeration

Commercial refrigerators are the basis necessity for all commercial kitchen. There are a variety of types of equipment for this purpose. From pizza prep tables to deli and store refrigeration cases, this is probably one of the biggest investments a chef or restaurant will need to make. The groceries and meats will be guaranteed to stay fresh. Make sure your freezers and ice machines are also in great working condition.

Keep the doors of your refrigerator shut at all times so as to maintain the correct temperature. If the doors are kept open for long periods, warm air will seep into the refrigerator and disturb the internal temperature. The compressor will have to work harder to bring the proper temperature back to what it was, and this in turn will require more repairs and higher utility bills.

gourmet tools

Gourmet Tools

Every gourmet restaurant and food establishment that is successful already knows and has realized, that superior commercial kitchen supplies are important. The key in facilitating the prepping, and baking and cooking of all types of delicious foods are the tools. Whether its blenders, rolling pins, frying pans, baking sheets, kitchen utensils, graters, cutting boards, knives, cheese graters, lemon zester, salad dryers, frying pans or stock pots in your kitchen, make sure they are manufactured from a high end commercial quality.

The right kitchen tools are the chief devices that will assist any chef in becoming the best that they can be, and in turn making their restaurant legendary. These tools of excellence help define great cuisine from just plain cuisine. This in turn will lead to the maintenance of regular restaurant clientele who are gastronomes and who will in turn be a plus when the need for expansion comes; they will be ones who will spread the word, increase the restaurant traffic and lead the way to your fine kitchen.