In the old ages, the Jaminders and some of the rich people used to use the security guards for the protection of their wealth, family and properties. This guards are now protecting all the corporate sectors, public places etc. But they are not always full proof as sometimes they might be of absent minded. At that time some of the blunders might be happened. So, for the protection we have now the new system that is called CCTV (Closed Circuit Camera Television).

These types of security cameras are of two kinds, they are wireless CCTV and the other is wired CCTV. The working process is almost the same but the operating device is different. One of the system works with the help of cords and the other works with cords. If we think of the matter about the most useful process of working, you will see that cordless or wireless CCTV is most appropriate to all places.

Some of the places may be of a huge distance from the place where you will not be able to connect with cords, then the only way to bring the place in the cameras servility with the help of wireless device. Sometimes, you will see that if you want to connect it with the wired CCTV, the decoration of the place will be hampered. So, there you will get facility if you can set the wireless system.

The main working process of a wireless CCTV cameras is that the video camera of it captures the pictures and sends it to the DVR via wireless signal.

The DVR is able to see read the signals and can record the pictures of it. If any point of it there is found any deformities, the operator of the device will send an alarm and then the manual security then takes the situation under control. The pictures recorded by the CCTV system will be displayed to all by the TV screen. This is the short description by which the wireless CCTV works.