CCTV Advice

In an era where any crime is possible, CCTV camera security systems cannot be neglected. It’s important to have a CCTV security system camera set up; this will guard your home and keep you safe from intruders and thieves. And if these cameras constantly monitor a place of business, criminals will likely seek an easier target.


CCTV can help combat burglaries. Intruders are less likely to steal from a property if they see a security camera. These systems can record footage and send it quickly to authorities via the Internet. As well as encouraging a decrease in criminal activities, it can also help recognise criminals that are already wanted by authorities.


CCTV systems are a useful tool in the fight against terrorism. It’s not practical to have police stationed in every public area where there might be a threat. By installing CCTV security systems, these places can be monitored without the need of physical presence, and can look out for suspicious behaviour and prevent acts of terrorism before they take place.


Installing CCTV in public places discourages criminals from damaging property. The risk of being caught in the act works as a strong deterrent for potential perpetrators, especially those of a younger age.


These systems help establish a means of control while also keeping a close eye on employees. Having a security camera in the work place also encourages employees to work harder, and protects them from any sort of harassment or abuse.

No price can be put on the peace of mind from knowing that there is someone watching and keeping an eye out for your safety. For comprehensive CCTV camera security systems, look no further than Brisbane’s Sublime Technologies. Their friendly team can provide you with high-quality services and will make sure that you are fully satisfied with any fit-out conducted.

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Kelly watt is a partner of sublime technologies. Sublime Technologies is a Brisbane based company that since 2006 has been delivering friendly, fast and effective technology solutions including: CCTV Security Systems, security Cameras, Network Installation and many others